Thursday, May 25, 2006


Wellp, back to a blog. I'm amazed that as lame as my blogging skills are I did have 3 comments on my last post.....and one of them WAS NOT and advertisment!!! I'm pretty happy that "Juicy Fruit" a park ranger took the time to say hey and invite me to read some of his blog. I guess this is kinda of a cool thing but wazzzz up with the folks sending me ads about college degrees and what not? I mean what's the message here? I'm no edumacated enough to blog? Is that what I'm suppose to glean hmmmmm? Well I might not be book blog but I'm definitly street blog!!!

Sooo... How are you doing? (I'm trying to get my blog on but my wife just came in and I'm embarrassed) By the way, I've been checking out my space and I thought I set up an account but now I can't log back in no matter how hard I try. Maybe I just wasn't meant for this type of thing. One day though, mark my words, this blop spot is gonna be hot! Jumping!! Disco Ball and all baby!! I mean it!! Honest!!!

Well folks, speaking of jumpin' I'm gonna jump hope this find you and yours well and enjoy the long weekend!!


Friday, July 22, 2005

Blogs away

BJ here and I've sure been lonely since my last post...................which was Feburary. Noone seems to want to talk to the 'ole beeg. Although I've heard word on the street is that folks have actualy read my one lone entry but have not yet to respond, Hey, I need some advice from professional bloggers out there. What do I got to do to spice things up? attract more blogging? How can I turn this zero into a hero? anyone? Bueller?

Wellp, I can't turn to juicy inside scoops of the inter workings of the gallery and the people and the scandals and what not. I would just get in trouble with the boss....who is my wife...which would hurt me bad.....


Maybe I can make up some juicy stuff...let's see...........

nope.. don't got it in me, been a long week coming off a longer weekend so I'm tapped out.

I will tell you this. I am goin to talk to Jerry @ Stir Crazy on Saturday about setting up some gigs. Woah am I psyched. I hope we can work it out. I think we will and I'm planning big shows with some of the area's finest. I had a show in C-ville that was supposed to go down with Jackie Frost but we got snowed out. I'm gonna see if she's available for the launch.

Jen and I are gonna lock it down this weekend and put our feet up. Poor Dutchess was so scared by the storm last nite she tried to get her old bones on the bed for the first time. It was hilarious actualy because Jen and I were dead asleep and suddlenly the bed felt like it was in a car accident. we look over to see this senior citizen Chou with her front paws but not enough gas in the tank to get her hind quarters up. She kept pacing and pacing and I felt like I wanted to take her out back and shoot her so whenever I get those gut anger like thoughts in actuality do the most kind thing I can. I went to the couch and bekoned Dutch to come and she put her paws up, and i picked her up and she calmed down while I petted her with my foot. She calmed me down to I guess.

Much love to you and yours and drop by sometime.


Friday, February 04, 2005


Thrilled that this is my first parlay(is that a word?) into blogging.

My wife is the gallery director of the Rentz Gallery and I am her minion, her "call that guy cuz I don't wanna" fella, I am her box opener-take art-out-taker-and-return-art-box-maker, I am assistant hanger and assistant remover, I am all of those things and promo guru and sage but most of all I am just plain ole partner in life and I'm potty trained and well behaved. I was thrilled to see folks talking about us and our gallery. We love our artists (the ones that aren't problem children)and their art and that is how we select the artists; wether we love 'em or not.

Anyways if any of you folks want to dialouge with me on artists you really like or just art in general let me know. I'd love to chat!!

BJ Kocen
Rentz Gallery