Friday, February 04, 2005


Thrilled that this is my first parlay(is that a word?) into blogging.

My wife is the gallery director of the Rentz Gallery and I am her minion, her "call that guy cuz I don't wanna" fella, I am her box opener-take art-out-taker-and-return-art-box-maker, I am assistant hanger and assistant remover, I am all of those things and promo guru and sage but most of all I am just plain ole partner in life and I'm potty trained and well behaved. I was thrilled to see folks talking about us and our gallery. We love our artists (the ones that aren't problem children)and their art and that is how we select the artists; wether we love 'em or not.

Anyways if any of you folks want to dialouge with me on artists you really like or just art in general let me know. I'd love to chat!!

BJ Kocen
Rentz Gallery


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